I've Finally Got My Hands on the LaScala Album!

Ever since I found out about LaScala, a little known band from Russia, I tried to buy their CDs online. It's not an easy thing to do, as the band only sells the albums inside Russia and through VK.com. 🤔

I've tried the usual places, Amazon and eBay, without any luck. Occasionally a copy of the CD would find its way to eBay... but at prohibitive prices. 😬

Eventually, I found an affordable copy at Discogs. For those who don't know, this site is a worldwide marketplace for music only. You can find lots and lots of CDs and LPs, including some really rare stuff. Every month there are LPs from the 60's, 70's and 80's being sold around 5000€ or more...! 🤯

Of course, I wasn't looking to spend that much... and I got a copy of LaScala - Patagonia for 11€, plus €6 in shipping. (To lower the costs of Shipping I also got Atakama - Теряя Себя in the same order.)

The product was almost new... but it had a small defect.

The case itself is in pristine condition...


Here's the other side of the case:


The CD was also in perfect shape, as you can see...


Other than the usual micro bits of dust, the CD is perfect. There's no problem at all with the CD.


The only problem was the inside booklet, which was tore off. 😞


Oh, well... it's not that serious but still, it would have been great if it had arrived in perfect shape.

For some of the bands I enjoy, Discogs is the only place where I can find their albums. So, I'll continue using it, despite little problems like this which are bound to happen every now and then.

I leave you with the first song I heard from them... and which got me addicted right away! 😍

Here is the video for LaScala - Реванш (Revenge).

Аня Грин (Anya Green) has such a melodic voice... How can you not fall in love with her vocals?

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