Another Crazy Looking Tree in San Francisco

Good night, little Bees!

This photo is for the #treetuesday initiative by @old-guy-photos.

Here is another weird shaped tree, right in the center of San Francisco, near the Lafayette Park.

This photo was captured in 2010... and I was assuming that this tree would have been cut down by now, due to safety reasons. It looked like an accident waiting to happen, a decade go. Not only the tree seemed about to fall, the pavement was also collapsing due to its large roots...


Imagine my surprise when I realise that, 7 years after this photo was taken, the tree is still standing... and more, it looks in a much better shape now than it did back then. 🤯

Here how it looked in May 2017 in an image captured by Google:


You're probably wondering how do I know that it is the exact same tree, right? Well, you can compare the buildings in my photo with the buildings in the image below. I think it leaves no margin for doubt...


So, how did the tree corrected its inclination? Do you think it was simply nature taking its course... or did it end like this due to human intervention? 🤔

I don't really know... but my bet is on the second option. I don't think the tree would fix itself all alone. Most likely it would have fallen down, eventually.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, if any of you happens to be in San Francisco right now, please head to 2324 Sacramento Street and take a picture of how it is today. I'd really like to see that. 😉

LocationSan Francisco - USA
CameraCanon IXUS 210
PhotoEdited with GIMP