So Many Happy Seals... and a Small Fight! [Seaphotography Contest - Week 93]

Hello, sailors of the blockchain seas!

I hope you like seals because I have plenty of photos of these cute little critters playing around at the docks of Santa Cruz.

This is my entry for the Seaphotography Contest - Week 93 hosted by @marc-allaria. This week's theme is Sea and Animals.

To start off this article, here's a close up shot of one of the younger ones, directly facing my camera. 🤗


And now, let's take a look at the rest of the huge family.

When I got there, the little guy was still on the water and trying to find a spot at the top of the platform.


I don't know if these guys have good eyes... but it seems that this fellow was a bit blind. Why was he looking at the most crowded place of them all? 🤔


It was obvious his initial plan was doomed to fail.


As you can see... and so could he, after a while... that side of the platform was really packed. There were no free seats left for him. 😂


How could he have though that this was a good place to climb? What a judgment error.


So he decided to swim over to the other side of the platform...


Here he is, climbing up.


One final push and he would be able to relax...


After he got on safe ground, he was looking to a place to rest...


But things didn't unfold as he planned. One of his long time enemies was waiting for him and he wouldn't allow him to rest without a confrontation.


He started shouting to scare his enemy away...


And it seems that tactic was working. The other guy backed off.


Meanwhile, a sneaky seal saw a beautiful girl wearing a white shirt. She was completely distracted with the action... and he stole her a kiss. Another jealous seal watched in envy, as that kiss unfolded... 😘


It looks like he could now rest and enjoy a moment of quietness.

(The family of the girl laughed at what had just happened.)


However, the fans of the other guy started calling him out and shouting things like...

"What are you? A weakling with no balls?" 😜

... and that, drove him mad! He challenged his opponent again.


And thus... a fight started to the delight of the wrestling audience.


The fight wasn't very violent though. After all, none of the fighters had arms nor legs. They only had fins. And those were excellent for swimming, not so much for brawling. 🤣


Before all this mess began, there was a mother enjoy a moment of peace while taking a sunbath.


During the fight, though... her kid got scared and jumped on to her back. She raised her head... and realising the fight was already over, she didn't bother herself and tried to relax again. 😊


The child was a little restless but her mother said "Ignore those fools. Just go back to sleep." 😉


Seeing that her mother was unfazed, the kid looked around to see there was no danger after all...


And so he relaxed.


Finally, the mother went back to sleep, with her kid doing the same...


The audience enjoyed the free show, for which no tickets were charged.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and this completely made up story, based on my observation of real life events! 😎

LocationSanta Cruz - USA
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
Photos23 (Edited with GIMP)

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here: Seaphotography Contest - Week 93.