The Beauty and the Beast!

Good night, cat friends!

Tonight I'll just share a couple of photos from the cats that make company to my friends, in Azores.

When I last visited them, they had 2 cats... one was very beautiful and calm while the other was really lively and a bit of an ugly duckling. 🤭

Here is the first one, relaxing on top of a wooden basket:


He was always resting and never bothered about anything. All he wanted to do was to relax... or eat! 😊

His mate was the total opposite. Even while resting... he was restless. Always shaking his tail and moving constantly. And that's why I couldn't get a good shot of him. No matter how much I tried, he never laid still. So these photos ended up a bit blurred and shaky:


Why do I call him an ugly duckling? Since he was always getting into trouble... and fights with other cats or dogs, he had already got himself a broken tooth, a damaged paw and a cut on his ear. Yeah, he didn't get along with the neighbour's pets very well. 🙄

He had also fallen from a 2nd floor window, at one occasion... and felt right onto the concrete pavement. He got a few bruises and was hurting for a few days but upon a check-up, the vet ensured that nothing serious had happened to him. After a week or so, Flea was ready for some more trouble. (Yep, this cat was named Flea! I can't remember how the other dude was called, though.)


I hope you enjoyed these #caturday shots... and please leave a comment below.

LocationTerceira, Azores - Portugal
CameraCanon IXUS 210
Photos3 (Edited with GIMP)