Tonito, the Sneaky Ninja Cat... and His Mates

Good afternoon, cat lovers!

This little guy resting by the wall is one of the many cats that live in my neighbourhood and I see him almost on a daily basis. He's a funny little fellow that has some manias that remind me the behaviour of ninjas.

His name is Tonito. 🐱


For some reason, whenever he moves from one place to another, he always walks glued to the wall... as if he's trying to hide himself from the surrounding humans.


This is not something he does just once or twice. It's nearly every time. If you do some sudden movements or try to catch him, he quickly jumps over the wall, fence included, and hides himself in the bushes...


Why does he walk like this...? Maybe he feels like he must have an escape route as close as possible... or maybe he simply prefers to see his shadow against the wall instead of the ground. 🐈


Sometimes he enjoys lurking between the fence and the bushes, watching everyone who passes by. In this spot he feels completely protect from strangers and enemies.


He's not always scared of me. Sometimes he allows me to touch him... if I promise to never pick him up. He hates when people do that. So, you can give him a pat on his back or his head, but don't push your luck. 😸

When he's not glued to some wall... or resting over it, he's protecting his terrain and guarding his mates.


There are a lot of cats in this house... and Tonito is the bravest one. The others are usually too scared to even go beyond the gate.


This black cat, for example... is rarely seen on the street. I believe she's pregnant at the moment. So, the family might get larger soon enough. 😻


And then, there's this couple. They are usually together and always with an eye on the gate.


See how brave they look right now? It's mostly for show. If you come too close to the gate, they retreat and hide themselves behind a vase or inside one of the cartoon boxes left out for them to rest.

The only girl who's as brave as Tonito is this one, always kept on a leash. The lady who lives here tells me that if she is allowed to go out, she goes missing for weeks in a row and that's why she's the only one who needs to be grounded. 😹


I hope you enjoyed these #caturday shots... and don't forget to leave a comment below.

LocationVila do Conde - Portugal
CameraSamsung Galaxy A70
Photos10 (Edited with GIMP)