Replying @xxxxxxxxxx's question on ask-hive community


Hi @xxxxxxxxxx, here are some thoughts about what I think might get Hive to get more users, since you always seems to be a straight-forward guy it seems worthy to sharing opinions with you, I like that if you don't agree you would explicitly manifest your opinion, not going in circles decorating your perspective about the stuff we have on this place.

While looking at the comment section on your post, a trend seems to appear. Everyone has a different perspective about what Hive is and each Individual replies according to what he/she thinks Hive is all about.

@therealwolf's main approach is about Hive being a peace of technology, so he thinks that dapps are the key to success. I think that people who plays Splintersland are there for the game, the ability to actually earn from the cards. On their discord I have read that some users don't care on what blockchain Splintersland is based on, they just want the game to evolve further (the solution for him would be a edge cutting technology for developers to jump on one foot, also a plastore-like entry point where people seeking to invest their leisure time and pocket money for gaming and other kind of dapps).

@themarkymark seems to think that Hive is a number of people creating an account (i.e. requesting for a membership) to a hub of people connected through a blockchain platform... So he thinks the easier the mechanism to get your welcome to the club badge the more people is likely to sign up. (The solution for him would be a sign in using your Google account feature, maybe a way to get people limited accounts -maybe on a side chain that uses fewer structure and overall resources than the main chain? Limited accounts where people can invest some time until they learn how the ecosystem works and find out what dapps, communities, trends or whatever they like Hive has to offer, also this could give you the tool to filter those users who will only create an account and leave in two weeks, reducing the rate of inactive accounts on Hive)

The girl who spoke about share2steem thinks Hive is an alternative crypto-based social media, so her idea is to drive people's attention from the place they already gather on mainstream social media to Hive... When she compares the numbers on Instagram with the numbers on Hive, it's clear for her that at least 1% of IG worldwide users on Hive would be a significant improvement. So maybe the solution for her would be to fund those guys building the Instagram-like thing (@dapplr), also huge marketing, serious marketing on YouTube, playstore games, etc... For instance, the guys marketing an app called coinmasters or something paid Jennifer López for some advertising!!

So we should go and get Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Federer, the Kardashians, there are plenty celebrities out there we could target on a quarterly basis (Hive DAO has some funding request that adds up to 100,000 a year... So I think we could afford some world class ads as well)

Those who got hooked because of the Reddit/blogging-like shape... A way to organize content in such a way you can easily spot the content your interested on. No more blocktrades informative post on trending (we had a day where 3 of his post were on top 10), and of course some sensible distribution of the upvotes... If talented artists such as @elenasteem only gets 17 something for her amazing work (I know this is my subjective opinion but have a look at some of her work)

But quochuy gets 200+ for his BBQ post... Here I think we could target this issue with two different approaches... First people who is friend with some whales should not be punished because of that, if you are a whale and want to give to your buddy a nice 200$ reward for his content you should be free to do so... So that new tipping feature on peaks might come handy to tackle this issue. I think that upvotes rewards also should have a way to factor in that amount of exposure a user drove to it's post. For instance if we have a hotty on Hive who's selfies drive millions of clicks, we should let her post has some kind of multiplier to enhance the rewards she got...

On this last aspect we also should hammer down spam and plagiarism... There are some nuclear options that were tested by JS messing out with the Steem API node, and maybe we can cement some nice precedents for users who are caught posting plagiarised content... For this to be done it should be carried out in a professional way, with appeal processes, public exposure of proofs, public and specific guidelines about the criteria and how this process can be enforced.

For crypto to have mass adoption as a legit method of payment, we have to make lots of sinks for our tokens, for instance Coursera, Udemy, Freelance business model can be perfectly adapt to work using Hive as the native currency, delivery services, entertainment sites with premium features, gambling and bets, etc. We could face an extended time period of quarantine if this virus issue doesn't get solved fast... This is also a huge opportunity for Hive and similar platforms to earn a solid position on the market (just look at pornhub traffic statistics lol)

Finally, crypto is not that interesting if we don't have +400% gains (or losses lol) in a 72 hours time frame... So we need Hive to drive brokers crazy with potential three fold gains or losses... Greed always fuels people lol 🤑. So we need a coin capable of jumping heavily on the market (to attract speculators) and we need to find a way to change HBD to make it a stable coin (to sustain the other businesses on Hive).

I think SMT can be created to allow issuance of tokens with different tokenomics to address each of the previously mentioned features, but I also think that the chain already can make all of this works as it is... It's just about integrating each vision about what Hive is all about and realise that each aspect of this site is what makes it have a tremendous potential. I think every aspect should be developed and improved as much as possible.

I look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards.