We win some and loose some

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A remarkably season just ended and it's well to to the way that almost all went as it should. As of the time of writing, I am sure that Norwich has already relegated to a lower division while Liverpool is champions of England for the first time in a very long time.

The final day produces so many twists, heartbreaking moments and also a joy to the heart of others. Life can't always go your way, you lose some and win some, it's all about not knowing when to move on.

With the triumph of Chelsea over wolves and the thrashing which Leicester got from the red devils, it's safe to say that it was a heartbreaking moment for the Foxes. The Foxes have been at the top of their game when the league originally started before fatigue and tiredness started creeping into their game.

This is typical to what is always expected with a side which Rodgers is managing. His rigidness and unwillingness to give his players time out leave them exhausted and unable to deliver.

Brenden story is one for another day, let's look at the positives of the outcome of today's match. Man United and Chelsea at the champions league speaks well for the league than with the Fox's. Although the positives of it all that some deserving players in their ranks still got their personal feat recognised.

Vardy got his golden boot for the second time in his remarkable premiership career. Congrats Vardy