A New start!

Hello my dear friends. I'm too busy but I got a chance to write my entry for the contest initiated by @wakeupkitty Looking Back, Look forward.

I don't know how to start a life after my mother died. I felt the emptiness. If I want to go home, I could not see her anymore. My life is incomplete now but we need to look forward.

Facing the consequences now being lockdown, I tell myself how to start a new way, how to fight this but we need to go on and keep safe and healthy.

Too much work during the lockdown, people are just around eating, cooking, making a mess the house and kitchen but I need to as part of the job.

This is a new room renovated in my employer's house, it needs a new start. They will buy all the new stuff. They even changed the paint of the wall, the lights and the new stuff are coming.
A lot of mess in the kitchen. Every time I woke up, I don't know how to start washing and cleaning all the mess but I need to look forward that someday there will be no one making this mess. It's to funny how to define new start as everyday, I'm trying doing a new start but all over again it became a broken long-play album. Im gonna getting started all over again and again until night and the following morning.

Anyway, in this way, it became a blessing in disguise. I earned throughout that lifestyle of my employer's children. I'm fine and no need to complain but accept the reality.

What I'm looking forward now is to stay with my family back home together with grandchildren.

Thank you @wakeupkitty and have a nice day @hive166850 and @team-ccc.

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