My Thursday Favourite #ccc 2.37 by @marblely

Good morning steemians!

My Favourite phone!

When I came first to Saudi Arabia, there was no mobile phone yet. Only selected men had it. For how many years, I had been using the landline phone and it cost a lot of money just to call my family.

My first mobile phone was a Sony Erickson given to me by a friend. It was an old phone but I loved it since I wasn't able to buy one. Later on, I bought a Nokia without a camera but I was happy it enables me to communicate with my family back home.

When the youngest son of my boss graduated as a teacher, he got his job in the main city. He surprised me with his first salary by giving me a Samsung mobile phone. I couldn't believe it but it was in my hand. I was so thankful that I could have an Android mobile phone. But last January first, 2019, it was stolen when a theft got inside the house of my boss. We had our barbecue night last January first 2019 when my phone vanished away.

It was a blessing in disguise, the eldest son of my boss bought me another one. This is the best phone I ever have with 128gb internal memory. There's no lagging though I have 6 thousand pictures inside. The latest model last year 2019. Until now, it became my friend in posting my steemit blog every day for 13 months. It became my favourite and the memories with this phone remained precious to me.

Some tips for using mobile phone

Let us keep it away from our growing children. I think the radiation could be a dangerous for their health. Even for us, prolong used must be avoided but people now could not live without using it all the time.

Thank you @marblely and have a nice day ahead.

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