What Does Hive Mean To Me?

It's time to unleash the true potential of DPoS

On my post about What does decentralisation means to me I stated clearly that a fork from Justin Sun's centralisation wave was the best solution to get rid of this billionaire who wanted to profit from the inherent value a community of people dedicating it's talents, time and resources for developing this platform has... Why? Because the potential a community of skilled users has to raise the value of this platforms orders of magnitude up is limitless.

@taskmaster4450 wrote and excellent post about the potential development fund we have available at Hive... But it's not just the token value I'm referring to in this post.

As I have stated before, social organizational systems such as Capitalism are just a way for us to align the interests of otherwise non cooperative towards collective and individual growth. IMHO our beloved platform is a potential evolution of that system, the dawn for a new era of a more efficient, free and fair co-operation.

About the Hive DAO, the two main concerns that I have felt from other hivers post are related to the lack of open and meaningful communication we used to have on Steem.

An example of this situation were the bidbots, those were arguably hurting the platform and were not addressed earlier because the many voices that spoke against them were people with "no skin" on the ecosystem... Their opinions were dismissed as those of insignificant lower class users. Even witnesses I think have a true intention to make this platform to thrive such as @therealwolf had a bidbot service and when he was confronted about it his reply was just that the weighted vote of the users (aka status quo) judged that bidbots were a legit business model for Steem... How ironic that Koreans agreed with that last statement and was exactly their desire to farm bidbots again the key factor for them to not support Hive.

DAO proposal voting systems is stake weighted as well. So there's a possibility for proposals that just benefit some big stakeholders to get approved even when those proposals might end hurting the whole platform (as bidbots did).

I even would go as far as to making a proposal for someone to be paid for being 24/7 roaming the platform and generating reports of users feedback... Only with accurate information we can make accurate decisions.

We most learn from past mistakes

People leading the development of the platform have to listen at the community's feedback (without looking too much at the wallet size of the one who's voicing out his opinion)

I would love to see Hive evolving I to a platform were people from all around the world could gather and have access to opportunities to make his idea into a successful blockchain-based project.

I'm real optimistic about Hive, I know we will make more mistakes but I hope we have learnt how to fix them on time.

Best regards.

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