AutoVoting - let's talk about it!

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@soyrosa had a great detailed post about auto voting, lots of good comments under it.

Upfront here's what I'd like to see:

1. A tag such as #DeclineAutoVotes or #DAV

The Tag should be both long and short, interchangeably, so people can learn it. When it appears, auto-voting systems can then skip that content.

2. As a second suggestion I'd like to see entire communities be able to set this tag for all content on their community.

That would allow multiple posts per day, more like a vibrant message board.

If auto-voters want to allow their users to manually override this and vote despite the wishes of the content author, that's fine, but I'd like to see @steemauto adopt this as a default that people need to manually change (the way he reset the max votes per week in the last couple of days).

This is even more important now arising from new services which I'd like to use, like to bring my tweets and perhaps some of my large twitter following to Hive. I can't freely tweet everything into Hive worrying that I'll get big whale upvotes sometimes and make a fool of myself with $8 for a dumb tweet.

I left a couple of comments on @soyrosa's post:

Curation by humans which scales with the platform, instead of the algos of Twitter and Facebook is a holy grail.

That is crushed by lazy autovoting.

Hive is close to getting it right but needs to be hyper careful with services like We all know that auto-voting is easy to code, but if the services aren't easy to use, fortunately, their use won't scale up.

I'm really concerned that we need a way to turn off auto votes on certain content. I am acutely aware that I get a few autovotes (thank you) and some of them quite big.

Which means I'm reluctant to use the upcoming service to cross post tweets to Hive if it means a stupid one line post is suddenly going to be auto-upvoted. There is a tension here and we do need it addressed.

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