Jirafa character design


Long time no posts here. How are doing, guys? Already bought some STEEM at highly discounted Black Friday prices?

Here is my new project as freelance illustrator and character designer. I've designed this character for one cool company recently.


This time I fell in love with Leonardo application for Windows 10. It has been written specially for such a devices as Microsoft Surface Pro series to draw freely using stylus without a need for a keyboard shortcuts. It's really handy and it imitates pencil texture so good.


Since this is a creative process there were few iterations as always. I love Freddy Mercury but my client does not :P


So here is the final ones. I've tuned them up a bit in Adobe Photoshop just because I've get used to it during the years of work but already done few illustrations using Leonardo application only. Hope to show them soon.

See you!

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