Here's why isn't working in Brave right now

If you go to or any of the other varient domains of etc. you will be shown the following screen: no work for Brave!

After a couple of seconds that redirects to a Github bug report on Brave:

Github Brave error report

It took me a few minutes to full understand but what's going on here is the Owner of, posting as "conferno" is pissed off that Brave's Publisher system has not allowed him to transfer ownership of domains from one account to another for 2 months.

So he's banned Brave users from his site to get the attention of Brave's devs.

People are not happy

Even then it took a couple of days but they now claim to be fixing his problem:


If there's one thing I do know: when real money is being moved around, there does need to be an attentive and reactive support system and I'm not sure Brave has that properly in place. I hope they can improve.

I'm still a Brave user, but after their Binance screw up recently, they do need to watch what they're doing.

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