Vipashana Meditation

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Today I am sharing about an ancient meditation technique that was discovered 500 BC in India by very famous saint Gautama : The Buddha.
By this meditation technique he attained the Nirvana, a state which sets u free from the cycles of birth and death..

What is Vipashana?

Actually vipashana is a technique in which u start looking into your body. You become aware about your bodily sensations. When you become aware about ur bodily sensations then you have to maintain equanimity about your bodily sensations whether they are good or bad.
You have to let go the feeling of craving for good sensations (pleasure) and feeling of aversion for bad sensations (pain).
You have to just observe the bodily sensations either it is pleasure or pain. Don't judge these sensations and maintain the Equinamity (Sama Bhava)

Why this is so?

According to Gautama the Buddha...

in this material world there is pain.

And there is always a reason of that pain..

And there is also the solution to get rid of that pain..

There is a law of impermanence..
There is nothing permanent in this material world either it is pleasure or pain. There is always a change in everything at moment of time. So the pleasure is also not permanent that causes pain when it is changed.. We crave more for the pleasure which ultimately causes pain and suffering.

When there is pain we try to avert it which causes more pain and suffering...

So in either condition of pleasure or pain we have to maintain the Equinamity because nothing is permanent.
So we should not crave for pleasure and should not avert the pain. This is the solution of pain.

Steps of Vipashana

There are 2 steps in vipashana meditation.

  1. Anapana

This is the first step in vipashana. Actually it is a breathing technique in which one has to focus on his natural breathing.. While it is going in and coming out.. Continuous practice of this practice makes the person more aware about his breathing and the subtle sensations occuring at the body level..


This is the actual vipashna. When you become more focusses and aware about your subtle bodily sensations then u have to just observe them have to maintain the Equinamity for these sensations.
Avoid craving for good sensations and aversion for bad ones..
This is the ultimate goal of this Vipashana meditation. Which ultimately free you from pain and suffering..

So this is all for today..
I will tell you how can u do this meditation and also my experience of attending the 10 days vipashana meditation course at Dhamma Thali, Jaipur Rajasthan.

Thank you.. Love u all..