LoveFriday - The story behind the La Flaca by Jarabe de Palo

This is not a love story, but it could have been :)

I'm talking about Pau Donés (Jarabe de Palo) and Alsoris Guzmán (Flaca)

Pau Donés, lead singer of the rock band Jarabe De Palo, has died of cancer on 9th June 2020. I didn't know their songs, but after seeing some posts regretting his death on social networks I got curious and decided to listen. I was positively surprised, it is really good!! During this week I've been listening and getting to know their work...and then I stumbled with this ("almost a) love story".

In 1995 Pau Donés and the Jarabe de Palo crew traveled from Spain to Havana (Cuba) to record the videoclip of "El Lado Oscuro". During their stay, Pau met Alsoris Guzmán in La Tasca, a well-known nightclub in Havana where she used to dance :)

Alsoris Guzmán

She was very beautiful and ended up being invited to work as a model in the video clip "El Lado Oscuro". For some reason she didn't recorded that videoclip, but inspired Pau :D

In this video he explains they were both sharing the same room, and after his bath, he got up looking at her lying down in her bed. He told despite being very shy, he said that he couldn't leave Cuba without laying down with her. She agreed! He sits on her bed and hugged her until they both fell asleep. Pau woke up with the sun in his face, and he felt so stirred in emotions that he decided to write a letter (and some verses) to give her when he leave the island. This was how "La Flaca", one of the most successful songs in Spanish music was created. :)
The band loved the song and decided to record an acoustic version while they were still in Havana. Alsoris Guzmán is the woman in this video :)

Their love, as far as they let us know, was platonic

The song says:

"Por un beso de la flaca daría lo que fuera
Por un beso de ella aunque sólo uno fuera"

Which can be translated as something like: "I would give anything to have a kiss from that skinny girl, even if it was only one".

When he was leaving, he gave her the letter he wrote in that morning. The condition was that she could only read it when he left. He admitted he felt in love with her and still saw her crying with the letter on her hand :)

This was a beautiful story, even without the traditional "happy ending". Hope

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