Kid's World for #MarketFriday

Can I submit an entry to #MarketFriday even today is already a Saturday, @dswigle? Hahaha! 😂 But of course, you don't have a choice my dear. 😉

So, here's my entry.

The young fellow's shoes were worn out, so we promised to buy him one. Before we went to the department store, however, we passed by a grocery shop to buy stuffs. And because he was so bored, he dragged his grandpa to a nearby kiddie place. Clever, right? We didn't even know that there is such a place like that there! Tsk! 🙄


When we were finished doing the grocery, we caught up with them in this Kiddie Paradise.



Our son is the only child, with no cousins. Basically, he lacks interaction with other kids. Hence, seeing him getting along with others, puts a smile on me.


His grandfather paid for an hour, which is P100 or $2. It isn't bad, knowing that the little guy is really enjoying himself.


When we reached the department store, we went directly to the kid's shoes section; it is the only thing that we would like to buy anyway. We looked for a black shoes. Fortunately, there is this brand, the one and only, that caters kids his age (and even younger).


He is the happiest when we found something that fits him!

To wrap up our day, and because it is already dinner time, my father treated us to dinner. Yeheeeey!


We savored the tender yet juicy baby back ribs with a mashed potato side dish plus a vegetable salad to our hearts content.

That was it. Our day at the mall was all fun and satisfying, all for #MarketFriday by @dswigle.


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