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Have you heard about the Philippines? Oh most people talks about abroad are the traffic. Yes because it's really insane traffic especially in Manila. But there are still good things in the Philippines. The people, beautiful places and cheaper price. Wait why am I talking it right now, this should be a markket friday post. Well, there's something related about it.

As you can see the stores in this place are over size. Let's say for example, that one store should not exist for 10 square meters. But it will keep on extending the measurement and it will make the hallway smaller. That's why other passers will walk into the road which is for vehicles only.
Just like this one store, they're not allowed to place any products outside their store. But as you can see they still put products in the outside to display. I hid taking photos because I'm afraid they'll get mad at me. lol
There are some stores, not authorised to place their store here. Some of them weren't register or not giving a license to sell. But they still selling here but paying a small amount from person work in a government but not authorised to do so. That's why when Police officers together with the BIR they will immediately fold their products and run. fn95w5.jpg
Just like this fruits stall because they had a designated place where they can place their stores or products. 6ispcd.jpg
However for some reason we need to understand their situation. They want to make money because they have their own families who are depending on them. Yes, we know it's against the law but because it's hard to apply a job with good salary. For you to know, they earns bigger money rather than having a job with minimum wage. The minimum wage is just 450 PHP or 9 USD while these people selling in the road earned 800 to 100 PHP or 20 USD. You can see the difference of it.. odumcm.jpg
Just like this woman here. It looks like she will only earn a little because she's selling was just this fruit. But the amount of this fruit was 20 PHP and she brought 2 sacks with 40 each sack. If she'll stay here for the whole day and sold all her products. She will earn 1600 PHP or 28 USD.
Now this one was placed in the ground in the hallway. Well, this one I'm not sure if it will earn a big amount if it will be sold. It's obvious that it's not expensive products. But it won't earn lower than 10 USD if it will be sold.

Do you have now idea what made the Philippines so traffic and why it's so cheap here? Some of them didn't really paying the tax that they need to pay because they're selling in random places as long as many people will pass.

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