MyDailyImpression - Challenge


This a first post related the theme of #MyDailyImpression-Challenge and theme of the day is #ThursdayPlantation :

Orchid with Double Color

Based on an idea to make it easier to find themes and topics in creating content on Steemworld, of course with no intention of ignoring quality compared to quantity, I try to introduce a challenge for free and fun.

I invite everyone of us to share about our impression of the world daily in photos and picture in many variation way to make that most interesting, recomended add some explanation to easy impress in mind and then share them with all citizen of online world every day in every week. That it can make us not run out of ideas to always actively share with our friends everyday. Share picture, photos, stories, experiences and life with others.

We can share our impression with a simply way about our world related to the theme below :

Monday - Sky (Cloud, Sun, Moon, Stars, etc)
Tuesday - Water (River, Sea, beach, etc)
Wednesday - Land (Mountain, Landscape)
Thursday - Plantation (Tree, flower, forest, etc)
Friday - Human (People, face, family, etc)
Saturday - Food (Anything as food or drink)
Sunday - Animal (Any species of animal)

Simply Rules

  1. Only use Your original photos!
  2. Write the tag #MyDailyImpression
  3. The title must include MyDailyImpression

This challenge is similar and similar to the idea introduced by @eii and this challenge just only to take part in enlivening, a small and simply way to support the Steem and the Steemians.

By using a tag of #MondaySky #TuesdayWater #WednesdayLand #ThursdayPlantation #FridayHuman #SaturdayFood and #SundayAnimal we can remembering the beauty and peace of our world.

You can invite your friends, to join the Challenge to increase its popularity.

Let's having fun and make the Steemworld become a better place to The Steemians

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