Sometimes, the best natural medicine is taking away bad things from your life

So for my post for the natural medicine contest is really talking about changing old habits. October was the year mark for quitting nicotine in all forms. This change alone has helped me in so many ways. 20 years of smoking and using tobacco took its toll on my health but I have taken it back!

And for being on a role, I have also recently dropped another 20 year habit, caffeine! That one I almost think has been more difficult than the cigs. Being labeled as “ADD” in school, I have been on some sort of speed for over 20 years. Been through the hard stuff all the way to about 4 or more cups of coffee a day. But that has been recently irradiated out of my life!

So now, my biggest obstacle is to get back to a regular workout. My diet has been getting better, although nowhere near as healthy as it should be, but hey, gotta make daily strides. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say, lol.

So my plan is a good healthy mostly raw diet, exercise, lots of meditation, oh and some really good cannabis, lol.

Be Cool, be real, and abide