Colorchallenge Friday Skyblue: Image Made By Xpilar

43eibf.png image source: @xpilar
Hello my steemit Val!
How did your day go?
I hope it went well?
Today, I'll be sharing with you an image made of own imagination and thought for the 61st competition.
This competition is set and organized be @xpilar the wonderful designer.
Looking at the image, you can see the real nature of water bodies.
The reflection and waves shows how it could look when you're traveling through the seas or ocean.
The image also has more details of the type or kind of clear sky (though cloudy at times) you could see while traveling.
Looking at the right hand side of the image, you'll discover that there is a ship onboard, which is accompanied by some playful dolphins.
Dolphins are very playful when it comes to occasions like this. They try to compete with the ship and if the passengers have something for them (especially, eatables) they'll throw it to them and as well, take pictures too.
This is my view for this competition.
Feel free to join by visiting this profile
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