My best and worst investment of 2019 (STEEM & PUMP)

Hi there Steemians.

This is a post inspired by @kingscrown.

So to start of I was introduced into the crypto world by my step-dad in late 2016 right before the crypto scene took of.

So I bought some bitcoin back then when it was still $1200 it then quickly rose to around $20000 by the end of 2017. As bitcoin and all of the other altcoins went to the moon I gradually withdrew more and more money due too financial issues.

Somewhere in that madness of the crypto world I invested into the steem platform. Not really knowing what it was all about I just bought steem and realized it has its own platform I quickly created an account after buying steem on the famous Poloniex website. I then transferred my steem to the steemit platform and powered up my steem to steem power.

Not long after investing in steem everything in the crypto world got a real big knock and my $100 ish dollar investment quickly went down to around $5 - $10 and I was really very upset. And it was not steem alone it was all of the coins.

Not long after my investments fell to nothing I kind of lost my interest in the crypto world. After nearly 2 years I came back to the steemit platform.

In late 2019 I rediscovered the steemit platform and decided to rejoin it and I bought a decent amount of steem totaling around 1500 steem coins over a period of 3 months.

Little by little I built up my steem power buying price at around $0.12 which is in my opinion stealing. Seeing that steem was almost $10 less than 2 years back.
So to me this was my best investment of 2019 as I think steem is very undervalued as of lately. I will keep buying more steem when I have money available to further my portfolio growth on this platform.

My first buy in on the Steem coin. Before it fell into chaos.


My new buy in position at a all time low.


So for my worst investment of 2019 hehe I think most would find this very ironic. Either way here goes.. It is something based of the steem blockchain although it's not steem.


It's a coin called PUMP.

My initial buy in into this coin was around 0.0043 steem for 1 pump coin and it was selling for around 0.007 for 1 pump coin.
I thought hey I could make some quick cash on this doing only one trade. Boy was that a mistake haha that quickly fell to below my initial buy in price... And I mean far below.

The current buying orders for this is around 0.00035. So everyone can do the math.

Here is a chart representing of what I'm speaking of.



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