Neoxian City Photo Challenge - WEEK #9 - A Beautiful Looking Boat!

This amazing boat is anchored at the dock in the Rio Ave (Ave River), in the city of Vila do Conde.

When I pass by this place, images of pirates and corsairs battling each other at the sea always pop into my mind. With the right flag, this could easily be a pirate boat. Don't you think?


Disclaimer: Another version of this photo was previously uploaded on my post from May 2018 - Come rain or shine, fishermen will seize the day!

Nowadays, this boat is just a nice tourist attraction and I never saw it cruise the seas... I wonder if it would still survive another ride?


From the outside, it appears to be in perfect condition. I'd sure would love to cruise in such a gorgeous ship. It must be an unique feeling! 😄

This is my entry for the Neoxian City Photo Challenge by @neoxian-city.

CameraCanon IXUS 210
LocationVila do Conde - Portugal
PhotoEdited with GIMP

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