Various types of flies

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One species of insects that are very easy to find anywhere, this is caused by a very large population so that he is always in every dirty location such as;

  1. trash can
  2. Stale food
  3. All carcasses
  4. Dirty blood and pus
  5. and all the leaves that have a fishy odor.

Finding flies in tropical countries is very easy to find them, if in Indonesia it can be said that in all locations there are many flies, this is influenced by food scraps or some trash scattered in various places. Thus it can be said that flies are very easy to find anywhere.

Within Indonesia itself there are several species or types of flies that are more commonly found than others, with an interest in different environments according to the habits and life cycle of the fly as mentioned above. Generally in Indonesia itself very often encountered several species such as;

1Horse flies
2Meat flies
3Waste flies
4Fruit flies
5Sand flies
6Green fly
7Hause fly

If you make one of the observations, then the most populous population is the house fly, because it always depends on human food. It is said that house flies are often found in everyone's home in the kitchen, living room, and even in your room even though they are often driven out with certain tools.

The fly that you see in this post is one of the species of house fly that often plays on every leaf that smells fishy.

The fishy plants smell like plants;

  1. Vegetable papaya plant
  2. Lime Orange Plant
  3. Coconut pistil plants
  4. Cayenne pepper plants
  5. Wild plants that spread and grow on the ground
  6. and plants that have a pungent aroma.

So do not be surprised if you see every species of fly is always active and stick to every plant that smells because in general flies really like the smell or the smell of rotten.

When compared to each species there is one fly that is very disturbing and has a large disease-carrying capacity, as the house fly.

Then the House Fly itself is one of the bacteria or flies that carry viruses that are bad for the human environment. For this reason, we need to be aware of its existence by living cleanly by throwing trash in its place. Thus the house fly will always be far from the human environment so that it will continue to play and stick to each of the leaves mentioned above.

Thus a brief description of flies that always disrupts human life in their environment. Thank you very much.

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