Viva Frei's hot legal take on Patreon: they're deep in poop and spraying it everywhere

Last week I wrote about the Patreon vs Owen Benjamin and his "Bears" law suit which was thrown out of court in California. I followed that up with my own video highlighting a very specific aspect of the case nobody else was talking about.

What I pointed out in the post and the video was that the underlying reason why Patreon was suing its customers in group action in California court, was because of the arbitration claims filed against Patreon by a significant number of supporters of Owen Benjamin.

As part of Patreon's unsuccessful law suit, they put into public record a sample of one of the previously confidential arbitration claims! In the normal course of things these are not made public.

Viva Frei, a Canadian litigator tuned YouTube Lawyer, has now covered both the court decision and, more importantly, the underlying arbitration claim that will now have to be fought by Patreon in at least 72 separate cases.

If you want to skip straight to the arbitration claim click here otherwise watch the whole thing:

Viva Frei's more informed take than mine is that this is a very well drafted arbitration complaint and there is definitely a case for Patreon to answer. In addition (and Viva doesn't go into this), Vox Day has pointed out on his blog that the 72 arbitration complaints have now been considerably strengthened by Patreon's disastrous changes to their T&C's and their law suit:

He was clearly impressed by the case constructed by the LLoE, as he described it as "very intelligent" and even "genius". And this didn't even begin to get into the poop-tracking accomplished by the filing of the lawsuit and its inevitable consequences in the form of the amended claims by the 72 Bears being sued.

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