How to Find the Best Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

How to Find the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

There’s always that calm, refreshing feeling that washes over you when you are chilling on the couch with a purring Maine coon cat on your lap. Or, watching Duke, your doggo, bound over to welcome you each time you walk through the door after a long, tiring day at work.

Pet hair cleanup isn’t exciting at all and staying on top of it is no joke either. For starters, you’ll need the best pet hair vacuum cleanerto pick up after your shedding pet.

Pets are lovely, and there are some pretty awesome perks of being a pet owner. However, there’s one particular thing that many pet owners don’t love—pet hair piling on their couch pillows, carpets, and virtually every other surface where pets like to play.

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Choosing the Right Vacuum for Pet Hair Cleanup

As far as pet hair cleanup goes, the most powerful vacuum cleaner isn’t always the best cleaner for the job. Instead, you need a vacuum cleaner that’s specifically designed to deal with the challenge of sucking up the pet hair tumbleweeds rolling around in your home.

The best pet hair cleaning vacs should not only have deep cleaning capabilities, but they must also have three essential qualities:

  • The ability to pick up pet hair without clogging
  • The ability to eliminate pet hair with minimal effort from the user
  • The vacuum should help manage airborne dander as well as other pet-derived allergens

Thankfully, several vacuum cleaners come with special features perfect for tackling even the toughest pet hair cleanups.

There are various price points for these vacs too—from the pricey, top-of-the-line models to affordable, budget-friendly units.

Here are some essential factors you ought to consider if you are looking for just the right vacuum cleaner to help you and your furry little buddy live together in clean, hair-free harmony.

1. Pet Hair Cleanup Capabilities

A good pet hair vac must have considerably powerful suction. The suction must be strong enough to pull the hair in from any surface without leaving any visible patches of hair or dirt.

Some models even have self-adjusting cleaner heads to automatically match the suction power to such surfaces as carpets, wood, tile, vinyl, etc.

The vacuum should also have well-designed cleaning brushes and rollers. Ideally, the brush and roller should work in a way that stops pet hair from wrapping around the vacuum head. This way, you do not have to stop every 5-10 minutes to yank pet hair from the cleaner.

2. Convenience

Sometimes, pet hair gets into hard-to-reach areas within the house. When this happens, you’ll need quite a versatile vac to get them out.

A lightweight vac cleaner could, for instance, come in handy when cleaning carpeted stairs.

Maneuverability, on the other, is an important consideration when cleaning deep into house corners or the underneath of your furniture. At such times, therefore, a cord-free design would be preferable as it allows the user to move around the house unrestricted.

Other models have foot-switch controls that take away the need for you to stop and bend down to adjust the vac when cleaning. Foot-switch controls are quite convenient, especially for folks with back issues, or for anyone else who desires uninterrupted cleanups.

3. Extra Pet Cleanup Features

With pets, there are several other things to worry about besides hair. Odor, for instance, is a common concern among pet owners. That’s why it sometimes helps to go for a vacuum cleaner that’s equipped with the technology to neutralize pet odors.

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Thus, if your house has a musty dog scent, you could go for the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum which comes with an AirClean filter to deal with awful pet smells.

One may also minimize pet allergies by acquiring a vac that removes allergens like airborne dander from your home.

Such vacuums are often equipped with HEPA filtration systems to ensure that once the allergens are sucked in, they don’t get back into your home.

All in all, the right choice for a pet vacuum cleaner must excel at picking up hair. It should additionally have features to help you clean up after your pet efficiently and conveniently.