An Emergency Sign above a Mountain?

Another week, another entry for this fun photography contest initiated by @davidesimoncini. 🤗

The contest is called PhotoChain and every week there are two subjects that must be represented in your photo... and you get to add a third one of your own to your entry.

There are two winners... and the personal subjects they selected will become the main ones for the following edition. 🤔

So, this week's edition subjects are Mountains and Reflections.

I had quite a few photos in my album which I could use. All of them, except for one, had the very common theme of a reflection on the surface of a river or a lake. That's not very original, though, is it? 🙄

So I decided to go with this one, taken from inside a bus... and you can see the reflection of the "emergency exit sign" reflected above the mountain. I think this is a bit more unconventional than a mere body of water reflecting the trees around it.


My personal subject for this week is: Lone House!

I don't know exactly where this is located... I know it was taken during a bus ride from Porto to Bragança so all I remember is that it's somewhere near Bragança, since I was almost arriving when I took this shot.

I hope you like it! 😎

If you wish to join this fun contest, here's the announcement link: PhotoChain Challenge: 19th Edition

CameraMicrosoft Lumia 950 XL
PhotoEdited with GIMP

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