"Dance the Night Away" πŸ’ƒ- Photo52 / Week 4

"A live wire, barely a beginner

But just watch that lady go
She's on fire, 'cause dancin' gets her higher than
Anything else she knows
Dance the night away
Dance, dance, dance the night away.
Ah come on baby
Dance the night away"

- Van Halen

When I look at my black, high heels I think about dancing. The song "Dance the Night Away" and one of my fondest memories - and secrets - immediately comes to mind.


I had to sneak out to go to my very first concert-- Van Halen -- with my best friend when I was 14-years-old!

Heaven forbid if Mom & Dad ever found out I was there when David Lee Roth, the lead singer & spirited "wild child" member of Van Halen at the time, dropped his pants and mooned the audience!

THAT was the first time I ever saw a man's nude derriere! Some things once seen can never be bleached from one's memory.

For a fleeting moment the duration of the shocking butt-flash, I thought my parents were actually right!


You see, both of my parents were from "The Old Country" and were extremely strict. The way they were raised, it was not proper behavior for a girl in 9th grade (or 10th, or 11th or 12th...) to go cavorting around town, much less to a rock and roll concert!🎢

If they had their way, I would not have been allowed to date until I graduated from college!

Click below and turn up the volume to the maximum to hear the song the way I heard it at the concert!

Well, I kept dancing through high school...

and college and afterwards...

at happy hours and clubs on weekends...

on cruises and islands in the Caribbean...

at "Mom Prom" and weddings and graduation parties...

and God willing, I will be around

to dance at my grandchildren's weddings!



"Live, love, laugh!"

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