A Secret Inside The Room

It was already getting late for lunch one Sunday when Pinky told Dietrich to call on everyone in their cabin to get ready. The hot meal is already prepared by Pinky. Dietrich opened the door to Spiky's room and he could not believe what he saw. Spiky is endlessly running up on a wheel. Dietrich got reminded of a not so good personal memory of his ancestors when he saw the wheel. Betsy followed him and was a witness to this scene. Betsy thought that Spiky could be regressing now and maybe he thinks he is a mouse. Isn't it early for the blue hedgehog to regress? He is still young though.

Anyway Spiky is motivated to work out when he uses this wheel. It is much cheaper than a treadmill and does not require electricity. LOL. Hope you like my comics. If you want to nominate it just leave your comment on the contest post and choose three entries you like best. Thanks and I do appreciate all your support.

Much love