Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest Week 86: Spiky's Room

Here I made a comics just now for the drawing contest of @organduo and @laputis. The theme for the week is about the room of Spiky. My idea is the comfort inside the room. Spiky feels safe and free to do whatever he desires inside his room. No one can meddle no one can impose rules aside from himself. On this scene Spiky is free to read, watch TV and draw animals while eating a ton of his favourite burgers. Betsy and Victor came to tell that dinner is served.

Hope that made you smile. Judging is upon the decision of the readers like you. Please go to the contest link and leave a comment with your three choices.

Hope to see you there

I first drew a draft of my idea on a scrap paper with black marker
I then took a photo and digitally colored and added texts.

Here are some of my previous drawings that I refer to so that the characters look consistent