Painting the walls of Spiky's room


Pinky bought five cans of paint. Which will be used to paint the walls of their rooms. Each of them were given one can of paint.

Betsy and Dietrich went to Spiky's room bringing their cans of paint. They offered to help Spiky first and then after that they will proceed in the room of Betsy and last is Dietrich's room.

They were so serious painting the walls of Spiky's room. Until they got bored and tried to play the paint.

They had so much fun that they did not realized that they almost covered the whole room with different colors of paint.

It's a mess!

Pinky will be mad for sure.

What they can possibly do?

You will see on the next picture.


They turned off the lights, so that Pinky will not see the mess.

Yes Pinky will not see the scattered paint in the dark. But they will be messed up once she turned the lights on.