Podping built on Hive is going to change Podcasting

I need to mention that as the system is in the early stages of development it is being turned on and off so isn't running all the time yet.

I'm in and out of my bomb shelter and I really need to write more about Podping but for now I'm just going to link to a site showing off something that's being built behind the scenes.

We're going to revolutionise Podcasts and specifically notification of new episodes. Podcasting is designed to be decentralised but Apple, Spotify and even Facebook are starting to make changes that those of us who are anti-censorship and pro-freedom don't like. Leading the charge is @adamcurry and @davejonespod at @podcastindex

I showed them a way we can use Hive as a global signaling system so that a huge array of apps and services can find out within seconds that a Podcast has been updated without relying on Apple or any other big tech.

On Friday night we started running a python script I put together last week! You can see the github repo for Podping here.

There's now a simple web app showing each notification for a newly updated podcast. This is just a sample of what the system will eventually carry when all the hosting companies are brought on board but it is going to be a breakout use of blockchain for non-financial purposes.

If you think you can offer something to the project, let me know, if you're not a dev, consider delegating some HP to me, I'm currently running all of this and writing the code. Perhaps in the future I'll think about posting to the DHF but for now, I'll handle it.


Podping Watcher

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