Sure gifts contest #13. Every number with sure prize.

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Everyone! Welcome again in this contest!

Contest #13 here for everyone!

Just try your luck with numbers. Don't worry about prize, because every numbers with sure prize!

Select any number:

[1️⃣] [2️⃣] [3️⃣] [4️⃣] [5️⃣]

All Numbers are with assured prize and one number with special prize. Special Prize winner is selected through randomly process.

For eligibility:

Resteem, Follow and Upvote with 100% power after this leave a comment with your selected number.

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In this all numbers with a assured prize. And one number with special prize. Your prize is small or big, it's depend on your luck. After one week you will get your prize.

For Special Prize: Resteemit and Upvote the post, which will further increase the reward pool, and earn you'll earn even more through curation rewards. 50% of SBD from this post will be distributed to the special prize winner after 7 days.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, only SBD or Steem to gain. So why not upvote?

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I hope we will make a successful steemit life together.

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