Sport and the little ones



I do believe sports are important in our lives. Especially in the times we are living and you barely have to move for anything anymore.

Hungry? Order takeaway.

Need to get somewhere? Take the scooter?

You get my point.

I think if the little ones find a sport early it teaches them valuable lessons.

Taking a loss, practise makes perfect, respect for teammates and opponents just to name a few.

Watching them play is a wild ride of emotions. From being super proud to trying your hardest not to facepalm.

I guess you can see from the pictures that I will use tennis in my example.

The little one is sometimes playing like a pro and sometimes just standing around like a NPC handing out sidequests while the balls are flying next to her.

At the end of the day it does not really matter as I am happy she found a sport she likes and is putting effort into.

The lessons mentioned earlier will be implemented in her brain as long as she plays and learns.

The friends in my circle who I think have a lot of endurance, willpower, discipline and all that good stuff have all in common that they did a sport when they were young and followed through with it for quite some time.

I think that is important as well, if the little ones found something to support and maybe sometimes push them a bit.

Not go full daddy Tiger Woods on them but constantly changing the sport is probably not a good thing as well.

What about you? Do you think some of your charakter was formed by the sport activities in your youth? Do you encourage your kids to do any sport?