Riddles Riddles: Game 001


How are you doing?
Here we go again.
Since nobody got the answer for yesterday's contest, I'll like to double the price for winners to 100 ESTM points.
This game ends immediately the next one starts.
Since this competition is young, I'll like to acknowledge some users and motivators such as @good-karma @esteemapp @daniella619 @xpilar @mustard


The rules are clear and easy.

  • Upvotes this post with not least than 0.001
  • Comment with your answer.

That's all.

Today's Riddle

If you were given three things which you must cross a bridge that doesn't carry more than 50 kg before you come home.
The things are;

  1. A snake 10kg
  2. a cat 10kg
  3. a rat 10kg
  4. a child 10kg

and you're 30kg.
How will you go about it?

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