Реванш, by LaScala - What a Wonderful Song!

Good night, fellow Steemians!

I'd like to present you one of the most beautiful songs I've discovered this year. It's called Revenge (Реванш) and it's in Russian, but it doesn't even matter if you understand the lyrics or not. The song is wonderful either way.

And yes, the vocalist is very, very cute, too! 😍

Image Source: vk.com/lascala_band

The band is called LaScala and comes from Moscow, Russia. I am still discovering this band so I'll probably do a review of the band on a later occasion.

For now, I just leave you with this amazing track. First, here's the Official Music Video:

The visuals are just as great as the song itself, eh?

I've also found an Official Video for the Acoustic Version, in case you are interested:

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this tune as much as I did. I became a fan immediately after listening to this for the first time. It's a very addictive song. I've been listening to it at least twice a day! 🤗

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