Milwaukee Police Caught Smuggling Children into Cars from a Sex Trafficking House

This article has been adapted from a twitter thread I shared.

A live video recording shared by @dreamstreetsk8 stated: “Eyewitness video of @MilwaukeePolice smuggling handcuffed children into the back of a van, driving off with them. This is in connection with the citizen-led investigation, that resulted in the discovery of the police departments child sex trafficking/rape houses.” You can see the embedded video here, where you can hear people speaking out loud that they are witnessing kids come out of the house in handcuffs. The crowd is rightfully upset, though inflicting no harm. The police pulled a van up to the house to take away the kids. They only came to a call after shots were fired from inside the house at civilians - a piece of this puzzle that media is wrongly painting as mutual gunfire.

Now we have fabricated news reports everywhere of “the crowd having lit the house on fire.” Excuse me, you mean the crowd behind the cars & police tape? The ones who were CONDUCTING the community investigation? Don’t you think they WANTED the evidence? This is a cover up at its finest.

Some of the news articles are claiming there was no connected criminal activity to the house. Again, a lie. The cops have responded (slowly, dragging their feet) to that house SEVERAL TIMES EACH YEAR for the past 4 years, 27 times to be exact, & came out even MULTIPLE TIMES THIS WEEK. Source

Can we just be real here?

For the record:
WE HAVE NOT HEARD OFFICIAL STATEMENTS FROM THOSE ON THE GROUND, present at the scene. ONLY THE POLICE HAVE RELEASED “their version.” DO NOT TAKE WHAT THEY SAY AS FACE VALUE. It is their job to lie when they feel threatened.

They legitimately tear gassed the crowd of people who were there in the neighborhood investigation. Even the protestor talking in this source takes no claims to the crowd starting the fires, & footage currently shows no protestor violence.

Please do not let them turn this into the crowd, essentially doing the cop’s “jobs” to “protect & serve” themselves, into a condemning conversation about why civilians have become vigilantes. THEY HAD EVERY RIGHT TO SEARCH FOR THESE KIDS & BEAR WITNESS!

Milwaukee also has a City-lead taskforce for human trafficking. Where were they? Absolutely nowhere to be found.

Onward with the evidence. Here are pictures from inside the house, a time before it was burned. There’s a person hiding in the other room when you zoom in, photo #3.


Twitter had deleted all of my progress that I was recording there after this point, while I was first creating this thread, when my VPN shut off on its own. So the rest of this article, I had to redo. On Twitter I tend to censor some of my words with coding so these types of glitches don’t happen, but that doesn’t always work. Part of why I’m writing this article now is so an autonomous account can be kept somewhere, as Twitter is known for deleting content it doesn’t want to spread.

Information like: how cops refused to put out an amber alert when the first two kids went missing. Nine kids in total were recovered! NINE. With no alert at ALL released.

AmberAlert itself does indeed have some industry issues:
• AlertSense, a company that puts out alerts has a known trafficker as their VP, & censors that information to the public. Laura Sillsby, the trafficker, goes by Laura Gayler now. She was known for the kidnapping of 33 kids in Haiti.
• There is supposedly “criteria” that needs “proof” of abduction before an alert goes out, which is not effective for harm reduction & that criteria has been blatantly ignored in this situation (such as the Find My iPhone feature showing a lead to the house, where the kids were indeed found abducted).
• Cops will lie to say that there is not enough evidence to discourage a report. I have seen this before myself, as a sex trafficking survivor. It is either because they don’t feel like doing the paperwork or because they are protecting someone they shouldn’t be, honestly both reasons go hand in hand.
• John Podesta from Podesta Group & PizzaGate does Press Release management for the company AmberReady, that helps parents put together profiles of their kids in case they go missing. Peak level media control & putting the creeps at the top of the food chain. No thank you. You can see the WikiLeaks article about Podesta’s emails here. For those unaware, PizzaGate is referring to the fact that pedo-sadists will use the term “pizza” as code for trafficked children.


Update 6-26-20:
Press Release of a statement from community organizers on the ground here.

I will continue to update this post as the story progresses.