Winners! Shadow Photo Contest--Round 87- Water Shadows

@erikah was the judge this week and she says-

Dear participants!

Thank you all for entering the contest. Unfortunately not everyone understood the theme of this week's contest.

@erikah suggested that she would like to see Water Shadows. Not reflections, but shadows. You don't need a fountain. You can create water shadows by turning on the tap or a garden hose or simply by pouring water from a glass. Be creative!

The description was very clear. Water shadow in this case meant the shadow of the water and not some shadow visible on the water or reflections.

This week we had one single participant who understood what we meant by water shadow and that is @annephilbrick, so the prize is hers.

No worries, maybe one day we're going to repeat the contest and you can enter with a proper shadow photo. Till then, you can look for a good one.

Good luck and see you in the next round :)



But then there were two more entries that I felt qualified, who will each receive 1 Steem. @juancho10 entered the contest for the first time with this faint dotted line shadow of water coming from the water bottle.



And right at the end @ninahaskin entered this lovely fountain shadow photo that qualified.



Let's move on to Chair Shadows!

This week's Shadow Contest is Chair Shadows hosted by @annephilbrick

Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest--Round 89-Chair Shadows

banners by @shasta

Street Letter signature by @otage

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