Winners! Shadow Photo Contest-Round 90- Scary Shadows

Thanks to everyone who entered this week and supported the contest. @shasta thinks you all did a great job scaring her and wants me to give one Steem to everyone who entered.

Next week the contest will be awarding
SBI shares for lifetime votes on the winning entries.















Thanks to everyone for making our Halloween just a little scarier!

And thanks to @shasta for hosting this week- I'm sending you 2 SBI for all that you do for the contest.

Everyone who leaves a legitimate comment on this post will receive 1 comment coin token in their Steem Engine wallet. Nice photo/nice post/nice blog doesn't count.

Once you have accumulated 10 cc you can use the tag and distribute cc to the people that comment on your posts, too.

This week's Shadow Contest is Statue Shadows hosted by @nelinoeva

Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest--Round 91- Statue Shadows

banners by @shasta

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