September sees 10,000 + NEW Splinterlands Spellbook owners DAILY

10,000 + Daily Spellbooks.png

Three years of slow steady growth

A year ago, we counted ourselves lucky if our Spellbook purchases hit double digits in a day. It wasn't uncommon to see fewer than 10 sold in a 24 hour period. These low, steady numbers held even for many long months, and we had cause for celebration any time we saw more than 40 new Spellbooks owners in a day.

March begins the climb

Things at last began to pick up a little about six months ago. In March, April, May and June we'd occasionally see 100+ Spellbooks purchased in a day. These milestones were few and far between, however, with most days still seeing around 50 or 60 Spellbooks sold to new users.

July's 10x growth

Then, halfway through July of this year, we all watched with slack jaws as the Spellbooks purchased daily grew exponentially. Around 70 new Spellbooks owners a day at the beginning of the month became around 3,000 by the end of those thirty days. July's daily average of around 600 was ten times June's 60.

August's 10x growth

This exciting growth continued into August, as the influx of new players began to buy more than 7,000 Spellbooks a day by the end of the month. This represented a quadrupling of the the daily purchase numbers from the start of the month to the end, and August's average of nearly 6,000 new spellbook owners a day was almost ten times July's 600.

September sees 10,000+ Spellbooks purchased daily

September is starting off incredibly strong, with over 10,000 Spellbooks purchased every day of this month so far. Before July of this year, we had never even seen 2,000 new Spellbook owners in an entire month, and now we are seeing 5 times that amount joining us every single day.

If we zoom out from the daily numbers and look at the total numbers of Splinterlands Spellbook owners over time, the story is even more clear: Splinterlands has been slowly and steadily gaining asset owners since its creation in 2018, and recently things have just been exploding. One out of every five Spellbooks ever purchased (20% of all Spellbooks in existence at this moment) were bought in the last five days alone.

Thanks for choosing Splinterlands!

With over ten thousand people choosing to put down roots in the Splinterlands community each and every day, it's no surprise that this game is going awesome places. If you are one of the 200,000 + people who have already bought your Spellbook, we're so happy to have you, and we hope you are loving this game as much as we are!

If you haven't got yours yet, there's still time, and there's so much yet to come. It is beyond exciting to be part of this movement.

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