Splinterlands Silver League Reached!!!!

Hi there Steemians.

Sooo I'm in luck tonight. I decided to do a few card upgrades with a bunch of dark energy crystals I had stored. Thought I might aswell and see if I can't gain higher ranks through that.

Well to my shock it actually pushed me through to silver without much effort. And I was struggling so hard to break that point and now it was too easy. And to be honest I didn't even put in $10 into these cards.

Thanks @splinterlands a little bit of investing took me quite the ways sofar

credit to @peakmonsters aswell its a very good site for leasing/buying/selling of cards

All of this done less than 6 hours before the leagues reset. Now how about that.

Its sad to say that the winning battles leading upto me breaking the silver barriers were both AFK players. None the less a win is a win.




The league I was struggling to get out of.
Oh my I wish I could describe how much I hate a bronze league. Even a silver league but he'll thats what I'm working with here so yeah.


The league I was hoping to reach before the countdown ends, turned out to be very easy after all.


The league I'm dreaming of joining ­čśŹhopefully tonight but if not hopefully in the next league countdown. Either way let's see if I'm up for the challenge


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