Legendary Prince of the Abyss still lost the Game

Hi guys, once again I'm about to share another experience of playing in Mobile Legends. This time, it's gonna be the fighter Dyrroth. And by the way, this is one of my other accounts.

During the banning session, I was supposed to pick Guineverre. But the opponent picked it first since they were the first pick, so I picked Dyrroth since he is the hero I'm comfortable using it next to Guineverre. During the early game, the hero I faced in my lane is Claude. I dominated him in the lane. And when I started to kill him most of the time, I started to gank other lanes and most were successful. I was so obsessed in ganking that I got the legendary achievent. Due to that obsession, I forgot the main objective of the game which is to push. Little by little, I noticed that Claude is farming and rarely could be seen in the map. The game turned out to be late game and Claude was getting fat. And as all marksman is known, they are great during late games. We lost the game since the enemy got two marksman and it became a long game.

Here is the stats of the game. This game is similar to the one I posted recently using Chou. So, next time, I should be focused on the objective of the game. Hehe.