Thailand is still nice and 300k SPORTS staked


Imagine a Flipstar jogging here.

You cant?

I cant blame you because it did not happen yet as I was busy taking pictures but it will...someday.

Against my common sense I bought more SPORTS tokens and staked them as well...

Which brings me up to 300k.

This will help me to police the place better and hopefully takes a bit of selling pressure of the market.

But tbh I have very mixed feelings about it and think if some abusers dump aggressively the buy orders are thin.

This is of course true for the bigger accounts as well.

But there is a lot of good happening which was the trigger for me buying again.

Mod accounts downvoting shit posts and self voted comments is a really really good and needed thing.

It is kind of frustrating "wasting" your voting power on downvotes while everyone else is making bank.

I know that is exaggerated as many joined the cause but it still felt like this.

If everything goes well with my visa, I will be going to BJJ again and really looking forward to it as well as being able to make some "real" sports posts again.