How to trade on steem-engine


Hello peeps!
How are you doing?
Have you heard of steem-engine?
Yes, you should.
It's another area of steemit where some tokens are given to you for some of your activities here on steemit.
For example, trendo (trdo) tokens that is normally shared for your trending post is well deposited into your steem-engine wallet and you may not know until you log into your account.
Actifit token can be sold on steem-engine for steem.
CommentCoin (cc) is given and sold in steem-engine.
These and many more has been taking place over there.
This platform is simple and easy to get along with.
You can easily log in through steemconnect with your steemit account key.
For the purpose of this post, I'll be sharing with you how you can make some steem token on this site.
It's true that some of the tokens given for your activities there is always small but you're going to multiply it heavily with this simple trick which am going to share with you.

First, you have to log in to your steem-engine account through steemconnect.
Claim all the tokens given to you.
If you don't have up to 10 steem in your account, deposit up to 10 steem to get started.
Hit the tokens option

After that, search for those tokens that have gone down soo deep (up to -50%) and tap/click on the two arrows opposite each other
This will take you to where you will buy or sell that particular token.
NB: Don't fear for tokens will always rise and fall.
On that page, check for Buy Order and Sell Order to see how much other users are requesting to sell or buy the token.
Take an average price and place your order.
Wait for your order to arrive.
Note down how much you bought or sold that token.
If you bought a token which has risen, check on your note if it has gained before you sell.
You can be doing so by selecting your wallet option as seen on the image below.

That's all for now.
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