Recent actions taken by Steemit Inc. and Tron foundation in response to Softfork 22.2 was a great disappointment.

There was never threat to nullify Steemit stake or any stake for that matter, also hardfork was never an option for me and many witnesses who voiced their concerns, now it might be. It was temporary and after Town hall meeting, would most likely turn back to status quo.

But now things have changed, this action confirmed the real threat which I thought was only theoretical. One entity controlling entire chain consensus!

Softfork 22.2 was proxied decision by around 180,000 steem users (number of votes to all top 20 witnesses). But Softfork 22.5 is basically decision of 1 entity who has probably around 10-15 people.

As one of the top voted witness by community with unique 18,134 users approving witness good-karma, I have decided to protest just like @gtg, this action taken against decentralized nature of Steem and damaging its core value. Sadly integrity and trust is fractured, chain is centralized... 22.5 making 22.2 invalid, so I am running protest version 22.4444

Looking forward to join Town hall meeting on 4th and 6th of March, 2020... It will be crucial for Future of Steem or "Steem classic"