Ned I would like to say that it was good to meet you, but it really wasn't.

Finally it happen!!! We got read of the most incompetent, ill-advised, unprofessional (I could be listing more words here all the day) CEO a company has ever had... That's a given.

What do we got instead?

I have been reading lots of posts and comments and steemians almost are saying: well at least Ned was our useless CEO, this guy Justin might be as bad as Ned (or even worse) and also he's an outsider... ok, this Justin guy can be the Devil himself, but it knows how to do business, he has proven he has the resources, the strategy and the team needed to make a project thrive!

If we have continued under Ned's joke of management he would kill this beautiful project and drag the community alongside with him. To me, Steem was already dying because of the great influence Steemit Inc has for third parties' perception about the Steem blockchain. Now we have an opportunity to change for the better or end it all here without more suffering, to me both are a win-win scenario. Either we make this place recover again or let it end right now without making the people who truly love this idea to waste any more of the valuable time and resources they keep pouring on this... Just to let a clown of a CEO to milk all that value off via dumping the market with sales of a ninja mined stake that destroy all the value proposition of the proof of brain consensus mechanism...

Justin might just use the Steem community only to benefit Tron

Well, that's a great statement because some rich guy acknowledge the value inside of our community and is willing to pour some money to grab it... Ok, then it's up to us to make sure this doesn't happen, for instance let's say we have 10,000 active users daily currently 20$ make 200 Steem, let's say each member of the community buys 20$ worth of Steem (not at the same time to make the price soar to fast), that will give us 2 millions worth of Steem each time in the hands of the community... As far as I understand the stake this guy Justin currently have surpasses by 30 million Steem the stake the most voted witness has backing him up... So it will require just 300$ for each member of the community to prevent this guy Justin to overtaken this place.... so are we truly decentralized? Are we ready to make this place our Homeland and defend it as it was our mightiest stronghold? The next few days will be really interesting, these are good times to be here on Steem.