Something's Cookin'

Hi guys, I want to share with you something I'm currently working on. With the (bidbot) killer whales slaying every paid upvote in existence, it's time to create something new, more in line with #newsteem philosophy. Let's take a look :)

Curation + Gamification = ?

Basically I'm trying to create a system where selected group of users (let's call them @tipU curators) will be able to send @tipu upvotes for free, without any payment needed. They will be rewarded for their hard work but there's a catch - their curation votes will be validated - curators that bring the most curation rewards (more on that in a moment) will get higher rewards and will have more control over @tipU voting power.

The concept it pretty simple and probably there's nothing new about it but when you add automation and gamification elements to it, it's getting more interesting :) Things like leveling up, where with each level you can send more upvotes with higher value, leaderboard that determinates your daily reward and all of this automated - that's more like it :) All of those of course for free, no investment or payment needed from the curators.

As for those curation rewards - they will be used to reward the curators but primarily this will be the source of @tipU income that will be paid to @tipU investors - users that delegated their STEEM POWER to @tipU. In absence of vote selling I think this is the best way to use the 2.6 mln SP delegated to @tipU.

So the idea is to incentivize curators to generate decent curation rewards by curating good content (preferably before others ;) that can be then used as source for passive income for the delegators - users that not necessary have time to play the curation game themselves.

You can check out the first working version here: All transparent and automated. Please note that each curator can nominate new curators so I hope that the list will grow pretty fast ;)

Of course the system needs tons of fine tuning but with all the data provided it shouldn't be to hard (right?). I need few testers so let me know if you would like to have your name on the list ;) Also please feel free to share any feedback, I'm sure some elements can be made more user-friendly or interesting :) Have fun!

PS. 100% of post payout goes to @steem.dao