Steem 2020 - My vision and future plans

Greetings colleagues, in this opportunity today I bring you this post that I found very interesting and I said hear why not me also make one. It turns out that a few days ago I had the opportunity to read the @fucho80 post about this and let's say so I motive myself to create mine too. 

It should be noted that this is a kind of contest / promotion on the platform created by @pennsif, which is very interesting and there are good prizes, yes, if you want to participate there is still a chance and beyond that it is never wrong to set goals for the future and then see them fulfilled.

If you want more information about the contest, in terms of dates, prizes, requirements, etc, I leave here the post @pennsif (Steem2020 contest update #2 - 1500 STEEM prize pool & closing date). I invite you to participate, it doesn't cost anything and as I said before it's always good to plan things and feel satisfied once they're done. I invite you to participate, it costs nothing and as I said before it is always good to plan things and feel satisfied once achieved.

Now yes, once finished the introduction let's go to what I say about steem2020.


Basically I start by saying that as we all know, in this 2020, is expected a growth both in prices (of the crypto currencies) as in number of tribes and other movements on the platform.

And perhaps in that way thanks to the increase in prices, it would bring benefits for everyone, especially for people who take this as a full-time or part-time job, in which it helps them to supplement or concretely bring bread to the table. Of course I know that not everyone lives from this but I know that there are cases that do, but also that those who do not, that money will surely reinvest in the future in the platform either in tokens that generate some profit, supporting some project, using this money in games (as a distraction or not investment, why not) and last but not least in SP.

Another point apart to help grow the community, may or rather has to be to transmit to friends and acquaintances the existence of this platform, as we all know someone passionate about writing, or reading about a specific topic.

That without counting the amount of opportunities or ways to make life here, from mobile applications, to pc, etc.. These more than anything I think will also be the basis of Steemit's growth. Since many of us use applications like @esteemapp, @partiko, etc.


In the future I'd like to see a proposal from Steemit about a mobile app, because for those who just want to make use of basic Steemit itself, it would be great.

Surely you are saying why this, because basically we all use a phone always up and down, and in countries where you can afford to use these while waiting somewhere or while you're going to work, university, etc, it would be very beneficial because at present everything is being done out there, more and more phones are gaining more field in our lives and that is gradually demonstrated in the evolution of them. Advertising campaigns, usage environments, etc.

Which I think all this would give us one more impulse as a platform, of course inclusion, added to a better value, could bring future new members, or future investors who are interested in everything related to Steemit and the world of blockchain in general.

Now as for my future plans, for the coming 2020, I intend to continue here, making content for my blog. Perhaps (I still don't have it very well studied), to increase my number of publications, at most to double, it is worth mentioning that I do a post and I upload it in Spanish (regularly on Tuesdays) and the same but in English (regularly on Fridays).

The reason why I haven't decided yet is the university, since I'm almost the last load, although not officially I only have 5 subjects left passing the ones I enrolled this semester. But beyond that begins the good and as a requirement for the degree require a thesis or an internship, I for transportation issues and everything else involved in this, I prefer the thesis and this will take me a while to do (when I get the degree and the tutor) and equally go along in my subjects and get to maintain or why not increase my average a few points more.

At least keep my publication on Tuesdays and Fridays, but when I have the time available upload one more post. Of course take into account special situations like this week, in which I proposed to upload this post (even if it is with @fucho80) or in those in which I commit to make a specific publication outside of my normal publications, and the word is what defines someone, in my case a little late (even though the week does not end yet) but always fulfilling.

Other things that I have among my plans is to continue providing support to @project.hope, because for a little less than a month (if I remember correctly), @crypto.piotr invited me to be part of this great project to which I always appreciate the opportunity. And good to continue in it, from a resteem, a vote and why not a comment that never comes too much.

In the same way I try to increase my SP in order to be able to contribute something more of value to the post of the companions of both @project.hope and @topfivefamily. The latter being the first to welcome me here at Steemit.

To increase my SP I have in mind the cures, the rewards for post and from time to time of not urgently needing the money a little of what it generates. As a fixed goal at least in mid-June of the future year I hope to have at least 100/150SP of my own, apart from the 50 that I currently have delegates.

By the end of 2020, God willing, we will have about 200/300SP of our own. Yes, I know it sounds little yet but we have to consider things not so far-fetched, since I could give even bigger figures but perhaps I would have to increase 5 or 8 times my post which I do not believe (for the moments it is possible, and that stage would leave it once finished my career, while this in that interval of job search).

What is certain is that this year that will soon begin means new challenges, and more work ahead, but nothing that with effort and dedication can not be done. ¬°Courage!

As usual I don't say goodbye without first thanking you for reading my post, I wish you an excellent weekend and a great start to the future week. Thank you again, good day, evening or night.

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