Post SteemFestic Blues

Many thanks to @roelandp and all involved parties for this great adventure.

It was the fourth time I had the pleasure to attend the event.

We have without doubt a great technology that powers up our blockchain, skilled developers, promising projects, and upcoming new fancy features, and all of this is true and all important...

However, we also have something that we can see in particular during the SteemFest events, namely many awesome, passionate people who choose Steem as their platform.

”All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”
- Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien



To help you wallow in the misery of Post SteemFestic Blues,
here are some songs for you to listen and suffer enjoy
while sitting in a dark corner of an empty room.

Post SteemFestic Blues:

Open playlist in Youtube

Or links to individual songs if you prefer:

”Nothing Else Matters”, Metallica

”When a Blind Man Cries”, Deep Purple

”November Rain”, Guns N’ Roses

”Lonely Day”, System Of A Down

”Sound of Silence”, Disturbed (orig. Simon & Garfunkel)

”Thank You”, Led Zeppelin

”Tales”, Uriah Heep

”Don’t Cry”, Guns N’ Roses

”Everybody Hurts”, R.E.M.

”The Ballad of Casey Deiss”, Shawn Phillips

”Who Wants to Live Forever”, Queen

”Still I’m Sad”, The Yardbirds

”Jenny of Oldstones”, Florence + the Machine

”Ramble On”, Led Zeppelin

Please ignore videos, it’s audio that matters, maybe the quality is not perfect , but YouTube is the easiest way to share those songs with you.

  • Do you know any of them?
  • Have you listened to all of them?
  • Can you, these days, not only hear the music, but also listen to it?

This post has been written for(*) Steemfest 4 community, which was created during SteemFest4 Day 2, after @roadscape announced beta version of Communities.
(*) except I messed up with accounts and posted to unmoderated #steemfest tag
You should.

EDIT: I appreciate your votes, I really do, especially that I don't post frequently, but lets be fair, that's not a great post at all. Not that I want to get downvotes instead, but if I may ask, enjoy the music, leave the comment and if you still have spare vote power, please take your time and try find great content among other SteemFest participants or Steemians in general.

EDIT: Two issues for condenser were identified while writing this post, one good old
External links should opened in new tab/window a.k.a. new tab: to be or not to be. If you want to listen to the playlist, you will move to the YouTube site leaving Steemit site. doesn't suffer from that issue. Interestingly is even smarter here. Not only it opens link in a new tab, but also warns you before leaving site, which serves additional protection against phishing attacks. Same with
Second issue is more tricky, YouTube video fail to embed properly when mixed with markdown and was revealed only because two things happened at once: video ID has _ in name, and I also used _ in following text to write title of a song in italics using markdown.