Hard Fork Finally Here


Was having some challenges opening steemit.com but I think it's all because of the hard fork. The set day is finally here and a lot of people have been apprehensive. I know I'm below the 20 steem payouts so will probably be getting lower payouts from today...that is if I don't get some whale upvotes 😊. It's all good and we can only hope for the best. With the top witnesses voting for this, then I hope there are somethings available for people with accounts less than 5,000 SP. It's early days yet to know what this hard fork will bring but then, I'm being hopeful. If it goes well, it goes well for all of us. If it doesn't, only God knows. Time will tell...

Esteem app opened up, which was a relief but I still couldn't post. I was getting this error whenever I clicked on publish. I just wanted to post as soon as possible so I also kept trying. During one of the tries, it finally went through, and that's how come you are seeing this post.