The math of investment & profit

Who doesn't want money???!!Money is called the 2nd god.In this world you can do anything with money.So,If anyone have some money more or less he/she wants to invest it so that he/she can earn more.
But,there are a lot of risk in invest money in a buisness.So,the people of "Bangladesh " more or less likely involve in banking society. The people republic of Bangladesh offers their people to make deposit in their bank and they will give you monthly profits.
The rate is 0.8% & the people of Bangladesh was happy with the rate cause there qas a safety cause.


But,in last budget the finance ministry of Bangladesh decided to take 5% income tax on total profit of your investment.
also, 0.27% social security tax.which is vast amount of this society.
So,at this time the people of Bangladesh are moving from banking investment. They are trying to invest their money on other side.
Besides, The Iinformation & telecommunication system of Bangladesh is increasing day by day.
The people of Bangladesh has been informed about the online banking, the trade market & token market.
Now a days they are vastly moving through trade market.


Though the price of "BTC" is increasing day by day.We are waiting for the decrease.We the BangladeshI young people are highly waiting to invest in "BTC" market.
Hopefully in a few days the people from Bangladesh can take a strong place in trade market.
I am also trying to invest my income in trade market. I don't know what is waiting for me in future.But,I am highly determine that I will be in trade market very soon.
Now a days I am observing the marketplace.
Thanks to @priyanarc who inform me about the marketplace. I will never forget her kind.


Also, I am involving in token market in "Steem-engine"
I allready have few tokens, Hopefully I can stock more tokens in my near future.

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Also thanks to @hafizullah, I am motivated to make dtube video by watching him.
Always try to be happy.Enjoy your time.